Your involvement

How will parents/carers be included in the child’s education

We value the fact that you know your child best and the knowledge you have on your child is second to none; we want to work closely with you to ensure that your child’s learning is effective.

From the outset your key person will involve you, asking you to complete key information about your child, helping us to understand the interest, likes/dislikes and favourite toys/game’s/places (all about me leaflet).  This sharing of information will be ongoing throughout your time at the setting.

We will send you regular newsletters and weekly ‘what children learn’ slips outlining what our teaching strategies are what activities we intend to offer.

You will be invited to attend regular meeting to discuss your child’s progress and celebrate their success.

Each child has their own Learning Journey, which you can access at any time.  We share with you your child’s developmental progress, and gain your thoughts and ideas of next steps.

If needed, we will use a communication book so that you can gain an understanding of what your child has experienced on a daily basis.