Jack and Jill poloshirt in red with logo on the top left


Children are not required to wear uniform to Jack and Jill Pre-school. However, sweatshirts, polo shirts in red and blue along with book bags with the Jack and Jill logo on are available to purchase.  Currently, in this school year 2016-2017, poloshirts cost £7.50 and sweatshirts cost £10.00.


During the winter months, it is advised to send your child in warm clothing, the hall is fairly cold first thing in the morning and we give the children free choice of whether they want to play outside – most of them do!

Looking after items of clothing

Put name labels/write their names in their clothing – in particular hats, gloves scarves and coats -as they often end up in a pile on the floor. Teach your child how to hang their coat on their peg and where possible let them do it themselves – they need this skill for when you are not there to do it for them.