Jack and Jill Pre-school


“A huge than you for all your hard work, kindness and support again this year. Thank you also for making our son’s time at preschool such a happy and interesting one.”

“Thank-you so much for everything you have done for our daughter this year. Sending her to Jack and Jill was the best decision for us both and she has grown and learned so much from you all; you are a fabulous team and are all amazing. “

“My daughter has had an amazing time with you all. There is such a lovely, relaxed and welcoming atmosphere in the Preschool. This has to be my favorite Preschool. I especially like all the trips you have and how you make the children aware of the environment and other causes. You are all amazing and do a fantastic job. We are going to miss you all.

“Thank you for all your help this term for being such kind and amazing teachers, he has had a fantastic time, we are looking forward to returning in September”

“Thank you so much for all the brilliant work you’ve done with our daughter. She has had such a great time here and has developed so much under your guidance.”

“Thank-you for giving our daughter the most positive and amazing start to her school journey. She has made a special bond with each of you. She (and we) are going to miss you very much. The preschool has a great vibe to it- it is obvious how well you all get on and you make a fabulous team”

” Thank-you so much for all the hard work in ensuring that she has had an amazing last year at preschool. I am so proud of everything she has learned in her time with you and her confidence has grown so much. Thank you for helping her prepare for big school.”