Jack and Jill Pre-school

Jasmine Spurriur


Hello my name is Jazz Spurrier, but the children call me Ms Spurrier. I have worked in a variety of child care settings since 2005, having a break when I had my third child. I worked in Jack and Jill a few years ago and am glad to be back. I have a busy house of three boys, three bunnies, a cat and tropical fish at home. I love to bake and make celebration cakes for friends and family. In my house we enjoy Friday film nights and adventures along the seafront or in the woods. I am a soccer mum and generally have a match to take the boys to every week. You may see me in my old school mini called Betty, but only in the summer Betty does not like the rain or cold. The best thing about working at Jack and Jill is watching the children’s personalities grow and friendships form.